The Midlife Fairy Tales Series

The Summer Palace,
Midlife Fairy Tales Book 2
Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Released July 22nd 2023

Newly crowned Queen Sparrow “Ro” Meadowcroft of Summerton has two goals. First, to show her fae subjects that despite growing up in the mortal realm, she plans to honor all the customs and practices of her new world. Second, to reunite the Radiant fae with the Grym fae. Or at least broker peace between the two estranged kingdoms.

She’s doing that by returning to the Summer Palace, an old tradition that once brought both kingdoms and their rulers together for a time of relaxation and fellowship. She’s invited Queen Anyka of Malveaux, too, the woman who rules the Grym.

Ro hopes the neutral ground of Willow Hall will provide them with a fresh start and a chance at diplomacy, but the old palace holds dark secrets that could mean the end of the Radiant fae. Or a new day for the Grym.

Can Ro win Anyka over or has too much blood already been spilled? And why does Willow Hall seem like the start of more trouble? Magic abounds in the Summer Palace and not all of it’s good.

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The Accidental Queen,
Midlife Fairy Tales Book 1
Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Released September 30th 2022

Sparrow “Ro” Meadowcroft is about to get the promotion she’s always dreamed of – curator of the museum where she works. She loves old things and the history that surrounds them, so when a patron leaves some items to the museum, Ro is eager to dig in.

The sword in the stone that comes with those items is clearly a joke. A well-made but obvious replica meant to be a conversation starter. Why anyone would think that belonged in the museum is beyond her, but she can’t resist taking a crack at it and finding out if she’s the chosen one.

And as it turns out…she is.

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Standalone Novella (Originally published in the Aged To Perfection Boxed Set)

Code Name Mockingbird
Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Released March 10th 2022

What does a retired vampire hunter do with the rest of her life?

That’s a question Bess Walker-James is desperately trying to figure out. Having recently been made redundant, she holes up at her family home in Maine to do some serious thinking about what comes next.

Unfortunately, she has no idea. Until her handsome next-door neighbor shows up. Turns out, Callum McCarthy needs more help than just finding his missing cat. Bess decides to assist him. What else has she got to do? But little does she know he’s a lot more than he seems.
Of course, so is she…

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The First Fangs Club Series (Now Complete)
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Embrace The Suck, First Fangs Club book 5
Paranormal Women’s Fiction
April 2022

Sometimes midlife can be a real pain in the neck.

Vampire governor Belladonna Barrone is facing the challenge of her life. Literally. Can she outwit and outlast the vampire council? She has no idea, but she has no plans to go down without a fight.

If she manages to survive, another challenge awaits her. Can she handle the responsibility that comes with accepting the crown? Being governor is one thing. Being queen? That’s a whole different set of problems.

And there’s a whole new set of enemies out to make sure she doesn’t succeed.

All Donna knows for sure is that it’s time to embrace the suck.

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The Suck Stops Here, First Fangs Club book 4
Paranormal Women’s Fiction
August 2021

Sometimes midlife can be a real pain in the neck.

Vampire governor of New Jersey, Belladonna Barrone has just gotten an epic offer from an unexpected visitor, but it’s not something she’s ready to respond to without serious thought. Besides, she already has a lot on her plate. The recent death of a high-ranking vampire means she and her crew of staff and friends are headed off to the funeral in the middle of the country. But travel can be tricky when it comes to moving vampires. The solution? Rent some luxury motorcoaches and prepare for a road trip that will be unlike any other.

For one thing, the trip includes a stop off to meet the parents of her daughter’s boyfriend. Something Donna isn’t particularly looking forward to. After all, they’re upstanding citizens and she’s, well, the soon-to-be former wife of a mobster currently awaiting trial.

For another, the dark shadow of serious allegations hangs over Donna and her human assistant, Pierce. Allegations made by her arch nemesis, Governor Fitzhugh, that will require both Donna and Pierce to appear before the vampire council. She feels certain she’ll be able to deal with the outcome of her hearing, but Pierce is a different story. The vampire council isn’t known for their mercy with humans.

Protecting Pierce weighs heavy on her. There has to be a way to persuade Fitzhugh to drop the charges, but at what cost? And can she trust his word? While pondering these questions, the funeral activities get underway, and Donna makes a strong new ally.

Then events take an interesting turn and Donna is left with a brand-new issue to deal with. Should she bite the bullet and say yes to the epic deal she was offered before the trip? Even when she feels inadequate to handle what’s required of her?

The only thing she knows for sure is enough is enough. For once and for all, the suck stops here.

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Sucker Punch, First Fangs Club book 3
Paranormal Women’s Fiction
November 2020

Sometimes midlife can be a real pain in the neck.

Newly appointed vampire governor of New Jersey Belladonna Barrone is fast discovering that life as a vampire isn’t much easier than life as a mobster’s wife. But that experience certainly taught her some things about how to handle the problems that come with being governor. That is until a friend is kidnapped by the fae and his life put in danger, all because of her actions.

Figuring out how to save him feels very much above her pay grade, but she’s the boss, and the decision about how to handle this potentially deadly situation is completely up to her. With the clock ticking, she has no choice but to attempt a rescue.

Thankfully, she has the help of her team and some impressive new friends. But going to battle with the fae has painfully real consequences, and the outcome of their mission leaves them all reeling. While dealing with the fallout from the fight, Donna once again becomes the target of a jealous vampire rival, which puts her future in question. Somehow, she has to find the strength to keep going and overcome these new attacks.

But there’s only so much a woman can handle. Or is there? With new resolve, Donna knows her only option is to fight back. Who else is going to protect her family and friends? She’s never been one to run from her problems.

Even when her problems feel like a supernatural sucker punch.

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Suck It Up Buttercup, First Fangs Club book 2
Paranormal Women’s Fiction
April 2020

Sometimes midlife can be a real pain in the neck.

At 49, Belladonna Barrone’s life has taken some interesting turns. She unwittingly married into the mob but managed to get free when her husband died in a car accident. Most recently she was attacked and turned into a vampire, something else she never intended. As with everything, she’s made the best of her situation.

She just didn’t know this newest situation would also result in her becoming the vampire governor of New Jersey. It’s cool, though. The perks are great, the penthouse is spectacular, and the salary couldn’t have come at a better time. Vampire politics, on the other hand, might be more complicated than she anticipated.

She’s handling it all pretty well, including dealing with another governor who thinks she ought to do his bidding and telling her kids that she’s now one of the immortal, when a new wrinkle from her old life complicates things in ways she would rather ignore. But Belladonna isn’t the kind of woman who runs from her problems.

Instead, she makes a plan and attacks. With her friends at her side, everything goes off without a hitch. Or at least she thinks so until a note shows up telling her the one person who’s been instrumental in making sure her past life stays in the past is in serious dangerous. Belladonna suddenly fears she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

But she’s not about to sacrifice a single one of her friends, so there’s nothing left to do but suck it up, buttercup.

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Sucks To Be Me, First Fangs Club book 1
Paranormal Women’s Fiction
February 2020

Sometimes midlife can be a real pain in the neck.

When 49-year-old Belladonna Barrone’s mobbed up husband does her the favor of dying in a car accident, she thinks she’s finally free of the crime family she unwittingly married into. Then the boss tells her that she has to complete her husband’s last job before that freedom is truly hers.

No big deal, she figures. Until things go south in ways she never imagined. Suddenly she’s thrust into a whole new world that makes the mob look like kindergarten. Vampires and werewolves are real? How is that freaking possible?

Her dreams of a new life disappear faster than wine at book club as more problems arise from her husband’s dark dealings and the unbelievable complications caused by her supernatural entanglements. Only her strength and determination (and some wild new friends) will see her through this next chapter, but the odds are against her.

How much more can her life suck? She’s about to find out…

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