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Her First Taste Of Fire
Shadowvale, book 5
Paranormal Romance
Released December 20th 2021

Shadowvale isn’t your typical small town America. The sun never shines, the gates decide who enters, magic abounds, and every resident bears some kind of curse.

Exiled king of the goblins, Robin Gallow, has no choice but to live in Shadowvale. That was the deal he made with his ex-wife and current queen of the goblins in exchange for the antidote to the poison she gave him. Now, the town has become his prison and his world is closing in on him. It’s enough to drive a man insane.

Theodora “Moody” Middlebright wants nothing to do with Shadowvale or the royal beast she’s about to spend the next year of her life with. But her father owes the man a debt and he’s too unwell to pay it himself. So Theo has come in his stead. Doesn’t mean she’s one bit happy about it. But then Theo hasn’t been happy about anything since her mother died.

Turns out, Theo’s sharp wit and brash attitude are the breath of fresh air Robin didn’t know he needed, and the two somehow hit it off. But when his trust issues and her secrets collide, their budding feelings for each other are threatened with extinction.

Can Robin learn to trust a woman who’s kept her true identity hidden her whole life? Will it even matter if Theo thinks he’s the beast everyone believes him to be? Or will love give them both a brand new start?

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Written With Bruno Miller
Released January 7th 2022

Sometimes, getting what you want is the worst thing that can happen.

Dell Eckhart lives on the wrong side of the portal. The side where the ruin and devastation left behind by the war makes everyday life harder than it’s ever been. More than anything, he wants to win a ticket for passage through the portal. He’s running out of chances, but he’s not going to let that stop him.

He needs that ticket. It’s the only way to save the one person he truly cares about. There’s just one problem. That person is actually an android. And androids aren’t allowed through the portal.

Doesn’t matter. He’ll figure it out. Because life on the other side of the portal is perfect and easy, and she’ll be safe there. At least, that’s what he’s been led to believe…

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Also Available through Kindle Unlimited


Embrace The Suck,
First Fangs Club book 5
Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Releasing March 25th 2022

Sometimes midlife can be a real pain in the neck.

Vampire governor Belladonna Barrone is facing the challenge of her life. Literally. Can she outwit and outlast the vampire council? She has no idea, but she has no plans to go down without a fight.

If she manages to survive, another challenge awaits her. Can she handle the responsibility that comes with accepting the crown? Being governor is one thing. Being queen? That’s a whole different set of problems.

And there’s a whole new set of enemies out to make sure she doesn’t succeed.

All Donna knows for sure is that it’s time to embrace the suck.

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Print & Audio: Available On Release Day