Need something to read over the holidays?

Here are a few recommendations. Click the pics to buy:

Roxanne St Claire, Kristen Painter, Contemporary Romance, Small town romance, Tired of being cold? Wishing you could be at the beach instead? Here’s an awesome novella by Roxanne St. Claire for only $2.99! Buy yourself a little “Happily Ever After” for Christmas!






Amanda Bonilla, urban fantasy, Kristen PainterWant something a little grittier? More on the urban fantasy side of things? Here’s a real steal by Amanda Bonilla for only .99! (Not sure how long that sale’s going to last so grab a copy now!)






Kristen Painter, cowboy, paranormal romanceAnd yes, I’m going to pimp myself out and recommend Cowboy In the Kitchen. It’s a fun read (you might actually laugh a few times) and while it’s pretty much a contemporary romance, it’s got a dash of paranormal thrown in. Hey, for 2.99, I think it’s a steal. *wink* Also, hot cowboy who cooks!!!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday is an oxymoron, because Happy Mondays are like unicorns and leprechauns. They’re mythical creatures. Still, in the spirit of making things better I give you…

House of the Rising Sun, Kristen Painter, urban fantasySeriously, doesn’t that make you feel better?

Today I’m hard at work writing book 2 in my new urban fantasy series Crescent City, City of Eternal Night. What are you working on?


How do you find new authors?

Kristen Painter, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, House of Comarre Sometimes it seems like my Twitter and Facebook feeds are nothing but “Buy my book!” posts, which after a while, just slide by without me paying them any real attention. (Hey, I’m an author too, I know how hard promo is, but even I try to avoid the endless pimpage.)

I have a feeling I’m not alone in that.

So how do you find new books? How do you discover new authors? Think about the last great book you read – how did it end up in your hands? Do you rely on the recommendations of review sites? Friends? Booksellers? Tell me!

Email stationery was a real thing

Kristen Painter, urban fantasy, vampire books, paranormal romanceRemember when you could make your email look like stationery (hideous stationery, but still) with backgrounds like notebook paper, snowflakes, and blue clouds? Maybe it’s still available, I don’t know – is it? I guess I can see using it for a party invite or something like that, but did anyone ever use it for business emails? Can you imagine?

I confess, I thought about using it for oh, five seconds, but then what if it accidentally went out to an agent or an editor or another author I wanted to take me seriously? Nope, too big a risk, so I nixed it altogether.

Tell the truth – did you ever use those stationery backgrounds? We’re all friends. We can laugh together. ;o)

What would you do with an extra hour of time?

time flies, Kristen Painter, urban fantasy, House of Comarre, vampire books

Wouldn’t extra time be great? What would you do with an extra hour every day? I’m talking twenty-five hours a day, not twenty-four. Would you sleep in? Exercise? Take up that hobby you’ve always been meaning to? Spend it with family and friends?

I have to say I’d spend mine reading. That’s got to be the one thing that’s the hardest to fit into my schedule. I’m guessing I’m not the only writer who feels this way either. When a deadline is pressing down, I often feel like any spare time should be spent creating new pages.

So tell me, what would you do with your extra hour? How would you spend it?


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